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The 3M cleaner kit will make your keyboard look as good as new

3M Keyboard Cleaner

Our keyboards have a delightful array of germs, crumbs, dust, and oh so much more lurking in between the keys. While it’s not something we think about, it probably wouldn’t hurt to clean up this well-used peripheral every once in a while. You can take canned air to it and watch tons of tiny morsels fly, but just like your car, it needs a deep clean at least once or more a year.

We get our grimy fingers all over the keys, and after a while, you can start to tell which ones have been used the most. This is why having something like the 3M Keyboard cleaner kit would be nice to have around. This is a scrubbing tool designed specifically for keys and buttons that will help you remove greasy build-up from hard to reach places. For clarification, this doesn’t say it’s going to help you get under the keys, so you’ll probably still want to hit it with canned air first.

All you need to do is make sure your computer is off to begin with, add a small amount of cleaning product to the sponge, and start scrubbing. It is said that this can restore well-used Apple keyboards to their former glory. It’s very inexpensive at only $7, and would be a great project for a rainy day. Who knows, maybe having a cleaner keyboard will make your work space seem a little brighter.

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