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3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino gives your local barista some competition

3d-latte-art-maker-foam-coffee-machineSo, you think that having purchased one of the more fancy coffee makers out there in the market would place you on par with the local barista? Not so, my young padawan, as the journey is still a long one if you were to be an accomplished coffee drinker, where you should eventually be able to make the perfect cuppa – not only in terms of taste, but also in terms of presentation, too. After all, we are visual creatures, and if that were not the case, why bother with the iPhone when Android offers far so many more functions despite looking less refined? Back to the subject of coffee making – if you were to impress your guests whenever they drop by, you might want to check out this coffee foam sculpture machine by Takara Tomy. The $53 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino will allow you to conjure up cute sculptures out of the foam on the top of a coffee, all without having to go through intense training to pick up the relevant sculpting skills that latte artists have.

Arriving in either white or brown models, the 3D Latte Art Maker would open the door for you to create foam sculptures, where you can come up with classics such as a rabbit, bear, frog, or cat, and all of them are extremely kawaii (cute). The only thing that you need would be a pair of steady hands, some milk, and the 3D Latte Art Maker Awa Taccino will get to work, blending and dispensing the milky foam in a manner that is easy to control, so that you can “sculpt” into your choice of latte art. Syrup can be used to decorate your creation with eyes and a mouth, among others. Time to get crackin’!