3BaysGSA helps you improve your golf swing

When Tiger Woods was working on a new swing, it did affect his game somewhat, but when he managed to master it, he zoomed in on most of the titles that were there for the taking, and this was before the entire personal life of his came crumbling down. Still, it goes to show just how important tweaking your swing is, and many golfers out there constantly find different methods and equipment in order to help them achieve what is known as the “perfect swing”, if there is such a thing in the first place anyways.
Well, Perception Digital Limited has introduced a device which could eventually help you get the swing you have always wanted with the 3BaysGSA. Just what is the 3BaysGSA? It comes in a tiny form factor which is definitely a boon, considering the amount of equipment that you already need to lug around on the green. This small and handy companion for golfers will be attached to one end of your golf club, where it will get to work with each swing you make, collecting over 10,000 data points for each swing.

An on-board computer will definitely be there to crunch such data, and when it has arrived at the conclusion, it will transfer all that data over to your mobile device, letting you review your swing in an animated manner. Apart from that, the adage of having two heads being better than one is applied here, since the collected and analyzed information will be sent to remote coaches for online coaching.
According to Dr. Jack Lau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Perception Digital, “Golf playing can be frustrating for someone who does not swing well. But it can be really rewarding if the right technique is applied. Golf professionals who have tested and tried the 3BaysGSA comment that it is a great tool. What it can perform was simply not possible in the past due to the costs involved.”
What do you think of this device? Golf widows might want to look into it as a possible gift for their husbands during their upcoming birthday, he will definitely love you all the more!