360 Degree Mirror

360 Degree Mirror

Have you ever had to use your mirror to see something on the back of you? Well, you could always turn around, and then try and swivel your neck as best as you can. Or you could take a hand-mirror and try and get the reverse angle. Sometimes one of those methods works.

Or you could get the 360-Degree Mirror. Three panels on each side pop out so you can get more views of you. There is also a light on the front for a little extra glow. You might want to use the lighting to see what your “best side” is.

This has got to be one of those “it’s a long time coming” inventions. Especially when you’re getting a haircut, and your stylist has to move your head around like it’s a giant dial. Now your stylist can simply look into the right panel to see if he or she is giving your sides the right treatment.

Of course, he or she is going to have to adapt, since a mirror sees everything backwards. Okay, the tech isn’t quite here yet, but it is getting better all the time! In fact, the price is very good for this product at only $40.


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