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300° Simulator – Not Your Kid's Shooting Game

Many years ago I used to teach skeet shooting, it was quite an entertaining job and it kept me on my toes, because almost everyday there was a very real possibility of getting shot by someone who wasn’t really listening as well as they should. Shooting was also a very expensive sport, so after I left, I didn’t get to shoot as much anymore. Well the folks over at Gander Mountain, the hunting and fishing superstore, have recently completed a multi-million dollar virtual firearms academy. Gander Mountain built this simulated gun range inside its Lake Mary, Florida store — which already has a traditional gun range! With both a 300° and a 180° simulator as well as a virtual range, Gander Mountain offers many different scenarios designed for full-immersion virtual reality training. Whether it be for self defense or law enforcement training, or simply for the sport of it, Gander Mountain’s shooting action surrounds you with five 8′ x 10′ screens, allowing threats to actually approach you from behind! These scenarios are all instructor assisted and they’re judgment based, not only teaching your body but training your mind in order to improve your decision making skills, and improving your reaction times and overall marksmanship. With multi-directional audio and real firearms that have been modified for laser fire , the sounds and and real feel recoil make this video-game-on-steroids about as realistic as it gets. Range time at Gander Mountain starts at around 35 bucks,which is far below the cost of the real deal, and you can do more shooting in a lot less time, without having to reload any pesky bullets, oh yeah… and not getting shot is a nice benefit too! Check out for videos and for more information on additional facilities. ]]>