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30 Piece Home Barber Set ought to save you plenty in the long run

30-piece-home-barberGetting a haircut is an expensive affair these days, as opposed to a trim here and there back when you were a child. Heck, it would not be too far off the mark to say that for some of us out there, either one of our parents would have also picked up some basic hairstyling skills – for better or worse, by giving us a haircut in order to save money. Why not ensure that the parents of today will be able to follow up on this fine tradition, except that you equip them with the prim and proper tools? The $69.95 30 Piece Home Barber Set would fit the bill perfectly.

Such a versatile electric hair clipper set will come with all of the relevant tools required in order to provide one with the needed skills to deliver professional-looking haircuts, right in the comfort of one’s own home. The clipper will deliver 35% more power compared to standard motorized models, and it boasts of precision-ground, high-carbon steel blades that should make short work of thick hair. There is also a taper control lever that enables one to precisely adjust the blade length for blending between sections, while a pair of battery-powered trimmers should also offer a chance for you to tame those unruly looking eyebrows and remove unwanted hair.