3 Mile Pencil: How Far Can You Write?

You know what would be really cool? An extension application that not only told you your word and character count, but also calculated the distance your writing would span if you were to line up all of your text in a straight line. Sure, it wouldn’t have much use unless you were planning on making one gigantic banner, but it would be pretty nifty.

While an application like that might be even too geeky for the masses, for those still writing with the old pencil and paper, this 3 Mile Pencil lets you know how far your text would span if you were to arrange it all in one gigantic line. It might not work great for those who doodle, but for the avid journal writer, it can put your writing in perspective.

The more you write and sharpen the pencil, the further along the ruled measurement it goes, tracking estimated length of your text up to 3 miles. The packaging of the 3 Mile Pencil even contains a measurement system to estimate how many words you’ve written.

Sure, it all depends on how large your text is and your own style of writing, but the 3 Mile Pencil is a cool way to guesstimate just how prolific of a writer you are. You can grab your own 3 Mile Pencil for $3.40 from

Product Page via OhGizmo and NerdApproved