3-in-1 Ostrich Chair: Even More Fun In The Sun

A relaxing day at the beach calls for a great summer reading paperback novel. What vacation would be complete without a few Tom Clancy, Agatha Christie, or John Grisham books to help pass the time? But we’re faced with a problem. If you want to get an even tan, you’re eventually going to roll onto your stomach, and as your probably know, reading while your back picks up some sun is not the most comfortable experience on a beach chair.

The 3-in-1 Ostrich Chair is your summer beach reading solution. A solution which allows you to comfortably read your paperback as you pick up those sweet UV rays. Inspired by the design of massage tables, the Ostrich Chair provides a padded face hole on a classic beach chair. When you flip on your stomach, all you have to to is place your face in the special hole, and you’re all set to continue your beach reading.

The Ostrich Chair provides you with 5 different back position settings, and an additional 3 foot position settings. However you feel most comfortable, the Ostrich Chair is sure to find your favorite position. Its extra large arm rests contain a built-in beverage holder for storage of a frosty brew, and a padded flap covers the face hole when it’s not in use.

For your next vacation do yourself a favor and be prepared for the relaxation you desperately need. The 3-in-1 Ostrich Chair is available for $79.99 from Brylane Home. The price might be a little extravagant for the casual vacationer, but for beach bums, it doesn’t get much better.

Product Page via 7Gadgets