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2D Girlfriend

2D Girlfriend

For some reason, I can’t help but think of some very bad science fiction movie when I see this photo. It would be a movie that takes place in a dark future where girlfriends are all but scarce, a world known as Geeklife.

This 2D Girlfriend project, created by Drew Burrows, is called INBED. Somehow I think the name is more of a description than an acronym. INBED works by having a projector on the ceiling beam an image of a lady down in that empty space on a double bed.

What makes the INBED impressive is that it has infrared sensors that can detect the position of the live person in bed, and adjust the virtual person accordingly. In other words, the virtual girlfriend will adjust her position to snuggle with you, spoon with you if you lay on your side, and even react to kisses by burying her face in a pillow.

It reminds me of a scene in The Sixth Day, where Arnold Schwarzenegger discovers his best friend has a virtual girlfriend. In that case, the girlfriend was a 3-D hologram, but I think the film was trying to show how lonely this character was.

The INBED also reminds me of a scene from Minority Report, where Tom Cruise is staring at holograms of his ex-wife and missing her. As I recall, the camera panned to reveal that the hologram wasn’t quite as 3-D as it looked, and the image was quite flat, kind of like the INBED.

In short, this INBED is a product for the lonely. I think we all can see the potential for this invention, but we really have to ask whether it’s worth it.


5 thoughts on “2D Girlfriend”

  1. How about a virtual woman gadget for IGoogle. I could sure go for that on many a lonely night at home, and I’m certain that I’m not the only one.

  2. Just sad, I have better things to waste my money on, besides, why you think nite clubs are for? Anyone buying this gadget needs to ask themselves if their mentally stable in the first place to replace a living person with a 2D image that doesn’t even speak. Just sad sad sad.

  3. If a person being man or woman is that lonely it’s their fault because nowadays there is no reason at all to be lonely with access to the internet so readily avialable and finding a new friend or date is as easy as picking up the phone or online search- so geeks HAVE no excuse anymore because it’s literally at anyone’s fingertips finding the right match… I did. So if your lonely it’s because you want to feel sorry for your sorryass self and there’s no need to buy stupid shitty gadgets as these EVER.

  4. ONLY use I see for such a gadget, if your making a movie and need a stand-in filler actor for a bed scene LOL! It’s sad how this world and intelligent individuals waste their talents and I.Q. on such stupid shit instead of trying to help mankind with so many issues we need to handle and right now gas prices are insane and going to get even worse. We need an alternative fuel and tell the Arabs to stick their oil up their asses because we don’t need it anymore and normalize our lives once again. Make useful gadgets and stop wasting YOUR time on school elementary crap.

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