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24kt Gold iPad Air oozes with luxury

ademov-24kt-ipadair1Gold is something that everyone looks out for and would not mind owning lots of in their lifetime, and for the Pharaohs of old, even in the afterlife. The thing about gold is, it is extremely rare and limited in quantity, which is what makes it all the more valuable. We have seen blinged out iPads in the past before, but none of them will be like the 24kt Gold iPad Air.

After all, this particular one will have been engraved, laser cut, polished, plated, clear coated, and comes with a CNC’ed black acrylic inlay. In a nutshell, it happens to be the most intricate iPad that has been ever created by the folks over at Computer Choppers. The asking price for the 24kt Gold iPad Air stands at $5,000 a pop, and they will be available in extremely limited quantities since only a handful of these puppies will be sold each year. Basically, the folks behind the 24kt Gold iPad Air claim that the amount of time and labor spent on making just one of these puppies are just plain ridiculous, being more of a test of skills and new equipment than anything else. Oh yeah, bragging rights also come in handy, that is for sure.

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