2.4GHZ Wireless Audio Transmitter

2.4GHZ Wireless Audio Transmitter
If you’re like me and usually play your music from your computer, but you would like to have it play somewhere else on better speakers, then this gadget may be for you. The Oono Transmita 2.4GHz Wireless Audio Transmitter transmits audio from your digital audio source to any output device wirelessly.

This would be perfect for getting digital quality music to play in other rooms of your house very easily without having to put all kinds of holes in your walls trying to run cables through your house. It transmits and receives at 2.4GHz, the same frequency used by most wireless routers to broadcast network signals, so you know the quality will be great.

You easily use the headphone jack in your computer, mp3 player or other audio source to attach the transmitter. You then just as easily attach the receiver to the line-in jack in your audio output which could be any sort of stereo system within 50m of the transmitter!

Both the transmitter and the receiver can be tuned to any of up to 20 channels so there’s little chance of interference. They are also very small measuring 76x24x66mm so you can very easily tuck them away somewhere.

Included in the package are all wires you will need. This great system is available for £34.95 from aq DAB.

Found via Gizmodo

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