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24″ Outdoor Lighted Atomic Clock keeps track of the time religiously

outdoor-atomic-clockIf you happen to be someone who is fond of being on time, then surely you would have a plethora of devices that are able to keep track of the time without missing a beat. While regular timepieces and the digital clock on your smartwatch or smartphone would work just fine, there are others who would prefer something that is more accurate, such as an atomic clock. The $149.95 24″ Outdoor Lighted Atomic Clock might be worth a look then if you happen to fall into such a category.

The 24″ Outdoor Lighted Atomic Clock, as its name suggests, is an oversized outdoor wall clock which will be able to maintain its unerring accuracy thanks to the radio clock transmitter that is located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Apart from boasting of glowing hour and minute hands, there will be a quartet of LEDs which illuminate the face whenever its light sensor indicate dark conditions. 2.75″ high Roman numerals let you read the time easily from up to 30′ away in the daytime, while there is also an integrated thermometer onto the face which indicates the current temperature, in the presence of an adjacent hygrometer that provides the relative humidity reading. The 24″ Outdoor Lighted Atomic Clock is capable of providing accurate time across the entire lower 48 United States, and it will never gain or lose a second in 60 million years.