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Prometheus’ Powerpot 10 delivers hot and happening charging capability

prometheus-powerpotIn this day and age, we do happen to carry one particular mobile device that can be considered to be our lifeline – the smartphone. Not only does the smartphone function as a communications device (through phone calls, instant messaging, text messages, video calls, social networks – the list goes on), it also doubles up as our portable media player, not to mention navigation device. Hence, it is not surprising to see a power bank keep a modern day smartphone company. How about taking a slightly different approach to the situation with the $149.99 Prometheus’ PowerPot 10?

The Prometheus’ PowerPot 10 is a unique device in the sense that it will be able to charge up your thirsty USB device(s) over any heat source, now how about that? Being a thermoelectric generator with 10W output, the Prometheus’ PowerPot 10 will come with a pair of 1A USB ports. This would allow you to use it in most places, just make sure that there are no smoke detectors in the vicinity just to be safe. All that you need to do is to plug in your device(s), and watch them charge just as fast as from a standard outlet as you heat the pot over a stove, campfire, wood stove, propane/butane heat source, home range, or even a hot spring!