21st Century Graffiti?

Stop. Before you read any further take a second to check out the names of wi-fi networks near you. You’ll always get a few with no special name. But it seems our neighbors are getting more and more creative with network names. “Police” and “Don’t Even Think About It” are a few of my personal favorites.
Addie Wagenknecht came up with a creative way to express ourselves through our network names. WiFi Tagger is essentially a hack for a TP-Link WR741ND router. Rather than broadcasting a single network name, the tagger enables up to 4 separate SSID/names  – each up to 32 characters.  If you have a compatible router visit here to load the app on your smartphone.  To change your networks name simply log onto your phone.
As Mark Wilson of FastCo Design says “Whereas spraypaint was the preferred tool in previous eras of snarky comments in public spaces, it’s apps like WifiTagger and tricks like Glitchr…that may well be the voice of young rebels raised online.” I agree and definitely think we are entering another generation of self-expression – WiFi Tagger being a perfect example. What do you suppose will be next?