Polar Vantage M multisport watch revealed


When it boils down to wearable sports and fitness technology, there is one name out there that has continued to break new ground for more than 40 years: Polar. The company’s latest offering arrives in the form of the Polar Vantage M, which is an all-in-one multisport watch that will enable serious athletes to enjoy advanced performance metrics alongside a new Smart Coaching without having to break a bank. Accompanying the Polar Vantage M, Polar would be the all-new Precision Prime wrist-based heart rate sensor technology that enables an enhanced degree of accuracy, offering goal-oriented athletes a reliable, customizable running and multi-sport training device.

The Polar Vantage M works best for athletes who want nothing but to constantly improve and push the limits of their personal performance. In order to achieve this goal, the Vantage M provides the ability to customize by over 130 sports, so that athletes can focus on improvement by a specific sport category. Being lightweight in nature as a sports watch should be, it also boasts of a waterproof design that ensures optimal comfort in addition to a clear, always-on color display.

Throwing in GPS tracking and an always-on heart rate monitoring feature might seem like overkill for the battery, but the Polar Vantage M is capable of delivering an impressive ultra-long and ultra-light battery of up to 30 hours of non-stop training on a single charge, now how about that?

Runners will love the Running Index that draws up a straightforward number that scores running performance, where it will provide an estimate of a runner’s Running Vo2max score based on their submaximal or typical runs automatically. It does not matter whether you are starting off on your first 5k run or training for a marathon, the running program does it all. The Polar Vantage M will retail for $279.95 and will arrive in black, white and red colors, depending on the size of its strap.

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