YEVO Air wireless headphones

Many of us can’t live without our music, which means we bring our music with us wherever we go. This translates to owning a pair of headphones in order to eke out the maximum amount of audio quality from our digital tracks. While a regular pair of headphones ought to do for most of us, the more discerning audiophile would definitely prefer to settle for a pair of wireless headphones, as this will free them from being tethered without having to suffer from the indignity of the music stopping all of a sudden due to the cable being jerked right off unconsciously. YEVO Labs of Sweden has just the thing in the form of the YEVO Air wireless headphones.

 Touted to be true wireless headphones, this second generation product ushers in a new generation of untethered audio, as it merges design, performance and advanced technology in order to deliver superior sound quality as well as reliable Bluetooth connection. Listeners will be able to enjoy total freedom of movement without any wires, and all of it at an extremely affordable price point of $129 a pop.

The YEVO Air will take listeners’ wireless headphone experience to the next level, boasting of a sleek, clean design that will attract the attention of whoever looks at it. Sporting Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity, it has 6mm drivers that deliver consistent sound performance regardless of how high the volume is cranked up. Accompanying that would be immersive deep bass, amazing clarity and detailed highs, similar to what wired headphones can offer.

The earbuds will arrive in three different sizes to fit different people, where silicon tips ensure a secure fit while sealing out the noise around you. It is also ideal for sporting enthusiasts due to it being sweat and splash resistant, while a full charge offers up to 3.5 hours of listening time and up to 14 hours of playtime. You can charge up the YEVO Air through its ultra-lightweight and portable charging storage case.

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