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Vobot reveals the Halo wake-up light

by – on February 27th, 2018

When it comes to waking up in the mornings, there are many different ways of doing so. The most traditional method that many of us adhere to would be through the use of an alarm clock, be it a digital or an analog one. The sudden ring, even though it is your favorite tune playing in the background, can prove to be a rather rude jolt to the system, which is an unpleasant manner for one to greet a brand new day. Why not get coaxed out of bed gently through Vobot’s latest creation, the Vobot Halo?

 The Vobot Halo is a stylish wake-up light that will not only be able to help you jump out of bed as fresh as possible, it is also equipped with the ability to communicate with Amazon Alexa, making this a smart wake-up light that is truly one of a kind in the consumer electronics market. This fancy multifunctional smart wake-up light will bring together an innovative combination of home automation alongside the voice-activated assistant and contemporary modern design.

With the commercialization of artificial intelligence being one of the greatest changes in technology and business society, the voice revolution is truly well on its way to be a global phenomenon. Both Amazon and Google have had a robust head start, having already activated the drive and creativity of the developer community. The Vobot Team continues to be one of the forerunners that strives to push the boundaries of innovation in AI-enabled devices, hoping to make life simpler for everyone.

Apart from having countless Alexa skills, the Vobot Halo will also boast of sunrise simulation function that will adapt to your natural rhythms, using its light to simulate a sunrise so that you can be gently woken up from a deep sleep. With customized alarm sounds, you can wake up refreshed to your favorite TuneIn radio or playlist. There are also 16 million colors for the user to choose from, making it easy to select the perfect hue to suit one’s mood and match the environment. Sounds like the dream bedside lamp, doesn’t it?

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