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Milo smart speaker and home hub

by – on February 27th, 2018

It makes perfect sense in this day and age for everything else to obtain a “smart” label attached to it, and Milo is no different. In fact, Milo takes pride in being the very first combination smart speaker and home hub that boasts of Z-Wave Plus as well as the Google Assistant, now how about that for a really potent partnership? This high performance, all-in-one smart home speaker will be able to deliver not only streaming entertainment, but also voice control of connected devices to boot.

 Hogar Controls is the company behind the Milo Smart Home Speaker, where throwing in support for Z-Wave Plus will also see the inclusion of multi-platform access for Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices. Milo’s integrated smart hub feature will also play nice with the Google Assistant, enabling the home user to ask questions and control devices throughout the entire home, in addition to streaming music among others.

With its integrated smart hub feature, it will also be compatible with the Google Assistant, allowing it to obtain information on the latest news, weather, and virtually anything else that the user is interested in. It functions as an all-in-one solution that will help connect users with what matters in their world, including the everyday devices that they use. It boasts of a sleek and sexy design that has on-board one-touch scene control alongside a smart home mobile app. Leveraging the popular Z-Wave ecosystem for control of smart home devices such as lights, shades, locks, thermostats, and garage door openers (the list is not exhaustive), this is certainly a move in the right direction where smart speakers are concerned.

The Milo will integrate premium audio technology within a compact industrial design as well as an integrated smart home hub, being a complete voice-powered entertainment and smart home solution that can be used right out of the box. It tips the scales at less than 450 grams, and will arrive with an asking price of US$149 apiece.

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