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SteelSeries reveals the Rival 600 gaming mouse


Gamers are a very discerning lot, especially the more serious ones out there. Some of them would think that it is essential to find a particular brand whose products they are comfortable with, and then stick to that brand throughout their gaming years. Well, SteelSeries has certainly garnered its fair share of fans over the years, churning out quality gaming peripherals that continue to win people over. The latest member of the Rival gaming mice series arrives in the form of the Rival 600 that boasts of a next-level sensor system.

 That is not all which is attractive about the Rival 600, as this gaming mouse will also arrive with customizable weight and balance options for up to 256 different combinations. Talk about going all out to please everyone! Being different from many of the other weighted mice that will use weights which stack in one location of the mouse, the Rival 600’s weights are strategically located in the sides. Thinking out of the box, this idea enables gamers to adjust the weight throughout the body of the mouse in order to balance the mouse’s center of gravity according to one’s grip and gameplay style.

The Rival 600 tips the scales at a mere 96 grams sans weights, and will arrive with eight included 4 gram weights for personal customization.The lightweight nature of the Rival 600 is attributed to the material used, where it was carefully crafted for functionality, weight reduction and extreme durability. It has left/right click buttons that boast of a revolutionary reinforced trigger system, enabling it to deliver the best clicks in gaming.

Lefties are left out of the picture though, as the Rival 600 happens to be an ergonomic right-handed mouse that caters to both claw and palm grips. A powerful 32-bit ARM processor resides underneath the hood, enabling gamers to save CPI settings, button remappings and macros and lighting effects on-board. Expect the Rival 600 to retail for $79.99 apiece if you are interested.

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