UAG Metropolis iPad Pro cases revealed

Any Apple product will certainly share a special kind of design aesthetics that makes it extremely pleasing to look at, with clean lines all over that deliver a minimalist look. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense to purchase accessories that will be able to help prevent any kind of external damage such as scratches and dents where possible, and Urban Armor Gear, or better known as UAG in short, has just revealed their Metropolis Series for the iPad Pro. The iPad Pro happens to be Apple’s most advanced iPad to date, and the Metropolis Series of protective cases will cater to the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

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Casio Pro Trek PRW3100YB-1 amps up the style

The watch should not be overlooked as a crucial and stylish fashion item that can be worn by everyone and anyone, adding a dash of elegance to the wearer while providing the all-important aspect of timekeeping. Technology in recent times have made it possible for the ordinary watch to be smarter, as it keeps track of your heartbeat, take into account the number of steps that you have taken each day, provide variable watchfaces to suit your outfit of the day, among others. Casio’s foray into the smart watch market takes a slightly different route with the Pro Trek PRW3100YB-1.

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LG Cinebeam Laser 4K Projector offers short throw magic

Want to truly impress your family and friends this coming holiday season as well as into the new year? You will be able to do so without any issue at all with LG’s latest CineBeam Laser 4K projector. This second generation model will boast of Ultra Short Throw (UST) technology that offers a very minimal space requirement, and yet its compact design is able to project stunningly sharp 4K images on just about any decent flat surface, be it a wall, floor or ceiling.

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Omron Healthcare HeartGuide available for pre-order

It is inevitable that as our bodies begin to age, we end up with more and more ailments, not to mention parts of our bodies begin to function in a less efficient manner than ever before. Many of the elderly have learned to cope with various conditions, and having a blood pressure monitor machine at home is always handy. Omron Healthcare has come up with its all-new HeartGuide, which is touted to be the first wearable blood pressure monitor from the company. Made available for pre-orders already, this oscillometric blood pressure monitor would arrive in the design of a wrist watch and has picked up clearance from the FDA as a personal medical device.

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Razer Turret for Xbox One

When it comes to all things that concern gaming peripherals and accessories, there is one particular name that should always be taken into consideration: Razer. This leading lifestyle brand for gamers has just introduced an all new method of enjoying your Xbox One console via the introduction of the Razer Turret, a wireless keyboard and mouse combo that has been specially designed for Microsoft’s console.

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Marshall Voice with Google Assistant smart speaker

Since you already own a smart home and have a smartphone, why not expand the number of devices in your home that will help make living more convenient with a smart speaker? This is what the Marshall Voice with Google Assistant is all about: a smart speaker offering that will work with Google’s voice assistant in order to transform your everyday living into a far more convenient experience. There are two models in this range: the smaller Acton II Voice with the Google Assistant built-in as well as the larger Stanmore II Voice with the Google Assistant built-in, retailing for $299 and $399, respectively.

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Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds revealed

We all need a little bit of music in order to boost our day or perhaps even enhance our performance in terms of work or sports, and a pair of wired headphones is often the most common recourse that a listener resorts to. However, a decent pair of wireless earbuds that stays in place no matter how active you are is the far more convenient solution, as there is no tangled mess to contend with, and neither do you need to look dated. The Skullcandy Push wireless earbuds might be worth considering for those who are in the market for such a device, as it delivers an untethered audio experience in a bold design and sleek fit.

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Lovot companion robot

While we live in an increasingly connected world with so many ways to hook up with different people, you might be surprised to find out that more and more people than ever before are suffering from the malaise of loneliness. Suicide rates are up in developed countries, and one can be surrounded by family and friends and yet feel detached from it all. GROOVE X hopes that those who find it difficult to build a bridge of friendship or to love someone else will be able to overcome such obstacles with their all new companion robot known as Lovot.

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MESHdot Kit Wi-Fi mesh network system announced

EnGenius Technologies Inc. has something that will definitely keep everyone who would like to have decent enough Wi-Fi coverage in their large home happy: the MESHdot Kit Wi-Fi mesh network system. This particular bundle would comprise of an elegant wireless mesh router known as the EMR3500, and the MESHdot (EMD11). The MESHdot is touted to be one of the smallest AC1300 mesh nodes in the market, and both of these devices will be powered by some of Qualcomm’s latest consumer technology underneath the hood. In fact, this new Wi-Fi mesh network system is so easy to set up, it can be considered to be a direct solution for families who want to enjoy spotless single-network Wi-Fi signal across the entire house and backyard without having to fork out a small fortune.

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Satechi Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac

When it comes to peripherals for computers as well as mobile devices, there is one particular name that always comes into mind which delivers top notch, quality offerings: Satechi. Satechi’s mission to make everyday life all the more convenient has resulted in the release of its Type-C Aluminum Monitor Stand Hub for iMac. With a sleek stand that boasts of seven built-in ports as well as an ergonomic design, it is capable of enhancing and maximising desk space all the while allowing convenient access to peripheral devices.

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