SteelSeries takes the limited edition route with mouse and mousepad

HOWL-RIVALRemember how Counter-Strike used to be all the rage those years ago when the Half-Life mod grew to be a global phenomenon? Well, it is still a very popular game today, although there are other attractive alternatives around. SteelSeries has worked with Valve to churn out a limited-edition line of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) branded peripherals, where this new mouse and mousepad will boast of a design that is based on CS:GO’s most legendary gun skin, the M4A4 Howl.

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Instant Print Camera for iPhone

Lifeprint_ProductsFor many of us these days, the smartphone is our ultimate photo shooter. Everywhere we go, from holidays to weekly outings at a favorite coffee joint, will often yield Insta-worthy photos that look great on those notched displays. However, sorting out all those photos can be quite a chore, and to print them out? Who does that anyway? Lifeprint Products wants to bring together both the old and the new with the launch of its Instant Print Camera for iPhone. The Instant Print Camera is actually a printer case that attaches itself to an iPhone, transforming it into an instant printing, photo-making marvel.

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Comau reveals MATE the wearable exoskeleton

Comau_MATECan you remember the day when you watched Aliens? The exoskeleton in the movie that kicked the alien’s ass was rather crude in design, but it got the job done. Fast forward to today, and we have all kinds of technology that has enabled humans to work better and more efficiently, and Comau intends to jump aboard that bandwagon. Being a global leader in advanced industrial automation solutions, Comau has launched what it calls the MATE: its first innovative wearable exoskeleton. MATE has been specially designed to improve work quality without reducing any degree of efficiency, but rather, increase it, and doing so in a highly ergonomic manner by offering consistent and advanced movement assistance be it during repetitive or daily tasks.

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Tribit XBoom Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit_XBoomWhen it comes to wireless audio, there are two main segments in the consumer electronics market: the wireless headphones and wireless speaker markets. After all, nobody likes to get in a tangled mess when listening to their favorite tunes, and with battery technology having made advancements, one can enjoy wireless audio for hours on end without having to look for a power outlet. Tribit has come up with their all-new Tribit XBoom Bluetooth speaker in an attempt to break new ground in this particular market.

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Polar Vantage M multisport watch revealed

Polar-Vantage-MWhen it boils down to wearable sports and fitness technology, there is one name out there that has continued to break new ground for more than 40 years: Polar. The company’s latest offering arrives in the form of the Polar Vantage M, which is an all-in-one multisport watch that will enable serious athletes to enjoy advanced performance metrics alongside a new Smart Coaching without having to break a bank. Accompanying the Polar Vantage M, Polar would be the all-new Precision Prime wrist-based heart rate sensor technology that enables an enhanced degree of accuracy, offering goal-oriented athletes a reliable, customizable running and multi-sport training device.

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Polar Vantage V multisport watch

Polar-Vantage-VOwning a watch is something that most of us do, but how many of us see the watch as more than just a timekeeping device? For folks who lead an extremely active life, and would like to measure their physical activity and performance, the name of Polar certainly comes to mind. This time around, the Polar Vantage V will gather more than four decades of expertise in the fitness arena by Polar in order to be the most advanced multisport watch to date. All of the cutting edge sport technologies are crammed into a sleek, durable design, delivering an extremely effective coach and athlete interaction.

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Withings Steel HR Sport timepiece is a beauty

Withings-Steel-HRWithings is certainly no stranger when it comes to smart devices and various items that will help make life easier around the home, and this time around, it has placed its crosshairs on the connected health market by unveiling the Steel HR Sport. The Steel HR Sport from Withings is best described as a multisport hybrid smartwatch, where it offers a slew of functions such as heart rate monitoring, connected GPS tracking and Fitness Level analytics. To cap it all off, you will be able to enjoy an unprecedented 25-day battery life that is certainly unheard of for a device of this nature.

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Robotix reveals the Taco Playbits tech toy

Taco_Playbits_RobotixFor many children, one of the most effective methods where they learn would be through play. After all, that is how it had been for generations, and it will continue to be in the years to come. The only thing that has changed would be the medium of play: technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, making it far easier for children to play in an interactive manner than ever before. Robotix has recently revealed the Taco Playbits tech toy, where it is touted to be the first of its kind in the world to lack a screen. Going screen-free does seem to be intellectual suicide in this day and age, so what makes the Taco Playbits special?

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PerceptIn delivers the autonomous DragonFly Pod

DragonFly_PodThe whole world is moving towards a smarter environment, where smartphones are now considered to be an indispensable part of life in the urban jungle. Vehicles too, have gained plenty from artificial intelligence, being able to brake earlier than expected, warning drivers should they end up being drowsy or start to drift into another lane. A fully autonomous vehicle remains in the works as testing continues, and this has fuelled PerceptIn’s work on the DragonFly Pod. The DragonFly Pod is touted to be the people’s autonomous vehicle (AV), where it comes with a starting price tag of $40,000.

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Maktar’s Qubii charges the iPhone while performing an auto-backup

Maktar_QubiiWhile technology has advanced by a certain degree in the world of smartphone batteries, this has allowed smartphone manufacturers to cram in more and more features in order to take advantage of the greater battery capacity. All of which leads to the same issue time and again: running out of battery life way faster than one would have liked. A power bank is useful addition for the road warrior, but so is carrying around a charger on your travels. Maktar decided to make life more efficient for iPhone owners by working on the Qubii. The Qubii is a unique iPhone accessory, where it arrives in a small form factor that boasts of a far larger functionality. Specially designed to play nice with an existing Apple 5w power adapter and Lightning to USB cable, it tips the scales at all of just 16 grams.

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