Kensington CoolView Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan

kensington-coolviewWhen it comes to accessories for the office drone, the name Kensington certainly does have a fair number of ‘hits’ in the past. For instance, the Kensington PowerLift back-up battery, dock and stand is something that will not only prop up your iPhone, but doubles up as a nifty power bank as well. Fast forward to today, and Kensington has introduced the CoolView Wellness Monitor Stand with Desk Fan, where this particular monitor stand will cost you $89.99 apiece. Touted to be the perfect monitor riser for modern office settings that are focused on employee wellness, the CoolView Wellness Monitor Stand boasts of an ergonomic monitor riser design as well as a low-noise, natural airflow cooling system. After all, things do get pretty hairy at the end of the money when you need to hand in all of those report during crunch time, so do expect to sweat some bit even in the midst of the air-condition at full blast.

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Power Mountain power bank carries 50,000mAh of juice

power-mountainThe modern day road warrior does carry a whole lot of mobile devices around, and these tend to run out of juice along the way, especially during a particularly hectic day when the device is accessed all too frequently. This has transformed the traditional power bank into something that is an essential item not to be forgotten when traveling, and the larger the capacity, the better. The Power Mountain certainly lives up to its name, where it lays claim to being the fastest and lightest 50,000mAh portable power bank in the world. Just what can 50,000mAh of portable juice do for you?

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YEVO Air wireless headphones

yevo-airMany of us can’t live without our music, which means we bring our music with us wherever we go. This translates to owning a pair of headphones in order to eke out the maximum amount of audio quality from our digital tracks. While a regular pair of headphones ought to do for most of us, the more discerning audiophile would definitely prefer to settle for a pair of wireless headphones, as this will free them from being tethered without having to suffer from the indignity of the music stopping all of a sudden due to the cable being jerked right off unconsciously. YEVO Labs of Sweden has just the thing in the form of the YEVO Air wireless headphones.

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Philips Momentum 43” 4K HDR Quantum Dot Monitor

philips-displayhdr1000EPI is the company as well as brand license partner when it comes to Philips monitors, and they have recently announced the availability of the Philips Momentum 43” 4K HDR Quantum Dot Monitor. Also known by its model number 436M6VBPAB which is far harder to pronounce and remember, this happens to be the first DisplayHDR 1000 monitor in the world that sports the new Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR 1000 Certification. Certainly those who have a penchant for quality and certification will find this to be worth checking out.

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Smart bandage could spell a new way to heal wounds

smart-bandageFancy getting your wound healed in double quick time? While none of us happen to have the accelerated healing factor of Wolverine or Deadpool, this does not mean that we cannot get some help from modern day science. The “smart” prefix has made its appearance across various everyday items such as smartwatches and smartphones, but what about a smart bandage? Enter this new kind of medical apparatus that would not only cover your wound, but it can also monitor and medicate chronic wounds without requiring you to check up on it.

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New Microsoft Surface Go tablet hits all the right notes

microsoft-surface-goThe tablet industry is not exactly one that sets the world alight with news of a new model, but when it hails from Microsoft or Apple, it is best to sit up and take notice. There is a brand new Microsoft Surface Go tablet in town, where this 10-inch bad boy will have a starting price point of $399, arriving in a couple of hardware specifications for the discerning road warrior to choose from.

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Doogee BL9000 giant battery phone boasts of wireless charging

doogee-bl9000The smartphone is an indisipensable tool for the modern day road warrior, which is why selecting the correct model that suits your needs is always important. The Doogee BL9000 might not have the prestige of other high street names, but it is functional enough for the discerning businessperson to check out without having to break the bank. What sets the Doogee BL9000 apart from the other smartphones would be the massive 9,000mAh capacity battery, where it claims to offer a standby time of more than 700 hours. This is certainly a stretch of the imagination, as no one would use a smartphone without turning on all of its “smart” functions, but for sure it will be able to outlast other handsets in the market by a margin on regular use basis.

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Apple MacBook Pro updated, now faster than ever before

new-macbook-proIt sure makes perfect sense that each subsequent generational update of a particular piece of hardware would be better and faster than its predecessor, which is why it is far from surprising that the new Apple MacBook Pro is the fastest model of its kind to date. Now it will boast up to 6-core processors and a maximum of 32GB of RAM, in addition to True Tone Display and the highly rated Apple T2 chip. Let us check out what other goodies have been thrown into the mix for the updated MacBook Pro.

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Vivo NEX flagship smartphone goes international

vivo-nexWhen it comes to smartphones, there are many different companies that roll out these highly sophisticated mobile devices that transform today’s road warriors into a mobile productivity unit. Each brand has its own range of devices, from the entry level to the mid-range, as well as the flagship model that will tout all of the bells and whistles to entice you into parting with your hard earned cash. Vivo of China has announced its NEX flagship smartphone which will boast of the first elevating front camera in the world, in addition to a truly bezel-less display, making it seem more like a portable TV than ever before.

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Violeds introduced for mosquito traps for a greater degree of effectiveness

Mosquito_TrapMosquitoes can be very pesky insects, spoiling what was supposed to be a perfect evening in the beautiful outdoors. In fact, it might be nigh impossible to get rid of these pests, but there are always alternatives that abound. For starters, you can always work out a romantic dinner indoors, safe from these blood-sucking critters while being able to enjoy a beautiful view through full-length glass windows. Another option would be to strategically place mosquito traps all over the place, luring hordes of mosquitos away from you. Seoul Viosys has just announced that it will make use of its advanced UV LED technology known as “Violeds” in mosquito traps.

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