Razer reveals the Project Linda hybrid laptop

project-lindaRazer continues its march in delivering top notch gaming hardware such as the Razer Core V2, while breaking new ground in other markets such as the smartphone arena. In a unique combination this time around, Razer has unveiled their latest masterpiece in the form of the Project Linda hybrid laptop. Why is it known as a hybrid laptop? The answer is pretty straightforward and simple: Project Linda arrives in the form of a 13.3-inch laptop design that is powered by the Android-based Razer Phone. This particular smartphone and laptop hybrid concept will hopefully be able to usher in a new era for mobile personal computing, where it brings together the familiar Android environment alongside the ease-of-use of a laptop.

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Vuzix reveals Blade AR smart sunglasses with Alexa capabilities

vuzix-blade-arVuzix has come up with some pretty interesting smart glasses in the past, but this does not mean that they should rest on their laurels. In fact, Vuzix has figured out that the next big step in the world of smart glasses would be the incorporation of Amazon Alexa capabilities. Taking advantage of Vuzix’s intellectual property patent portfolio and leadership position when it concerns the area of optics, head mounted displays and smart glasses, making this the world’s smallest and sleekest pair of AR smart glasses to roll off their production lines. Tipping the scales at less than 3 ounces, the Vuzix Blade AR is tipped to ship commercially some time early this year.

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Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe could be the future

vivobarefoot-sensoriaVivobarefoot has teamed up with Sensoria, bringing together a premier wearable smart technology company alongside that of a shoe company in order to deliver the Vivobarefoot Smart Shoe. This partnership has produced what is deemed to be the very first IoT-enabled shoe in the world that sports an ultra thin sole so that the foot will be able to do its natural thing. From a concept one year back to reality today, this new shoe will feature a single layer of fabric thin pressure sensors which enables users to record natural movement without having to include any additional underfoot padding or interference. The connected barefoot movement shoe will be available for purchase some time in the second quarter of this year.

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illy Y5 is now connected to replenish coffee stock before it runs out

illy-y5-drsWhat does the world run on? Coffee would be my answer. After all, without humans, everything else would virtually be left on its own without any innovation or advancement. However, when we humans put our minds to do something, stuff happens. And many of us are unable to get our creative juices kicking at work unless we jolt our senses with some coffee early in the morning, or perhaps after lunch to stave off that sleepy feeling. illy knows this, which is why they decided to roll out a connected version of its Y5 single-serve espresso and coffee system earlier this month. Known as the illy Y5 DRS, it will integrate the Amazon Dash Replenishment System (DRS), hence the suffix.

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DJI Mavic Air is the world’s most powerful foldable drone

dji-mavic-airThere are many different kinds of drones that are available in the market, ranging from the extremely affordable ones to those that cost more than a decent second hand car. Of course, the latter group would be able to deliver a high level of performance, capturing some really professional looking shots along the way. DJI has long been a staple name when it comes to quality drones, and this time around they decided to push the boundaries of what a drone can do in a small package through the introduction of the Mavic Air. The DJI Mavic Air happens to be an ultra-portable, foldable camera drone that is capable of delivering higher performance, more intelligent features and greater creative possibilities compared to any other consumer drone.

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Wacom introduces the all new Bamboo Tip

wacom-bamboo-tipAs smartphones have grown in size over the years, so has its functionality. Note-taking used to be done on paper, while in electronic form, it took the personal digital assistant (PDA) craze to see things move forward. The modern day smartphones come with ever larger displays, making them double up as a decent digital note taker, which makes a stylus far more useful than it would have been on a 3.5” screen. Wacom’s expertise with styli for such devices continues in the form of the Wacom Bamboo Tip, but with a very interesting caveat. The Bamboo Tip is an all-new fine-tip stylus that will cater for both Android and iOS-powered devices, now how about that for inter-platform compatibility?

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AIcorrect Translator makes communication a snap

aicorrectIf there was one particular superpower that I would love to have, it would be the ability to be able to decipher and understand all languages. It makes communication far easier, and it will certainly be a bridge among different people groups and tribes. While the science fiction utopia of having a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence) handle all of our different languages and dialect nuances remains just that, the AIcorrect Translator might be on to something with its debut at the recently concluded CES 2018.

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FIFISH P3 underwater drone

fifishp3Most of us would think of drones as something that ends up as a luxury purchase of sorts. It is not really necessary, but it is still nice to own one. After all, snapping a sweeping, panoramic shot of a particular area from the skies always evokes a majestic feeling in the viewer if it is done right. The free flying drones in the air have certainly made their mark in the world of consumer electronics, where the market has already matured. However, there is a new way to explore the world around us, and this can be done through underwater drones. Shenzhen QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. happens to be a leading underwater drone provider and they have recently revealed the flagship FIFISH P3 underwater drone.

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iQIYI QIYU VR II head mounted display

1iQIYI_QIYU_VR_IIThe QIYU VR II is a head mounted display (HMD) from iQIYI which recently debuted at CES earlier this month, wowing all those who took a look at it. There is one very good reason for this: the QIYU VR II happens to be the first of its kind in the world, being the only VR HMD that supports panoramic 8K (4320p, 7680 x 4320) video playback. This is an independently developed 8K Kiwi Player that can recognize VR content in different kinds of code formats, allowing it to play Ultra HD content of up to 8K in resolution.

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ILIFE reveals the A8 robotic vacuum

ILIFE_A8When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of a home or office, there is plenty of work to be done. In fact, if the amount of space in the area is huge, it can feel as though the task has amplified. ILIFE figured out that homemakers and virtually anyone else who is too busy to clean the home can always receive a little bit of additional assistance in the form of the A8 robotic vacuum cleaner. This is a flagship model from the manufacturer, where the all-new A8 robot vacuum will arrive equipped with a 360 degree live-vision camera navigation system.

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