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DKNY Minute is the fashion label’s first smartwatch

by – on November 8th, 2017

Who would have thought that mainstream fashion label DKNY would end up churning out their very own smartwatch for the masses? Yet, this is exactly what happened, and the first smartwatch from them would be known as the DKNY Minute. Now available for interested parties, the asking price of the DKNY Minute stands at $155 and goes upwards from there. This is a representation of the dynamic synthesis of style and technology, where the latest hybrid smartwatch technology will work in tandem alongside a classic DKNY watch style. Oh yes, it is meant for the ladies only, so the men will have to sit out on the DKNY Minute.

 Sporting the ability to synchronize to your smartphone through Bluetooth while using a dedicated smartwatch app, the DKNY Minute is able to provide you with the latest smartphone notifications through a range of vibration patterns and watch hand movements that will alert you of incoming calls, texts, and app notifications. Apart from that, it will also keep track of daily activity, distance, and calories burned. You are also able to gain full control of your music, snap a photo, or ring your handset with the push of a button, while fashionistas will love the fact that it has a pair of easy-to-remove straps that enables versatility in your watch look.

Since it runs off a coin cell battery, there is no need to worry about bringing around an additional charger, and you don’t have to lug around pesky cables either. The DKNY Minute is smart enough to automatically update the current time and date based on your location, while it keeps track of the hours of sleep you get each night. Arriving in three distinct looks, silver, gold, and rose gold-tone cases will be paired with black or white leather straps, or a red quilted strap. All styles come with an interchangeable quilted pinstripe silicone strap.

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