G-Bike is the first carry-on style electric bicycle in the world

When it comes to bicycles to get around for the urban commuter, there are many different kinds of models to choose from. Many of us would settle for a regular two-wheeler with a fair number of gears in order to help us tackle the trickier uphill segments along the route. However, regular sized bicycles are normally not allowed to be carried on board trains, making end-to-end connectivity a wee bit more challenging. Portable bicycles or foldable ones, on the other hand, do not really offer the same kind of “kick” as a regular sized bicycle. Enter GreenWheel’s G-Bike, the first carry-on style electric bicycle in the world.

 The G-Bike will boast of a sturdy, secure frame with a trio of folding points at the back wheel, mid body, and base of the handlebar stem. This special design will enable the bike to neatly collapse down to its carrier form, where you can then bring it with you right behind like an obedient puppy, or a luggage carry-on.

As for its technical specifications, they are rather impressive. Boasting of a long lasting battery life of up to 55 miles in range (this will also vary depending on the steepness of the slopes involved, among others), we love the incorporation of puncture resistant tires that feature an integrated puncture guard in order to deliver all-terrain access. The 36V 250W motor is able to provide significant torque and speed to handle any kind of slope, while the battery can be removed to recharge, taking a mere 4 hours to do so. There is also a high quality LCD display that showcases important details such as speed, distance, and battery life remaining, while Shimano Nexus Gears delivers easy riding with the feel of a 3-speed bike.

Expect the G-Bike to retail for $1,799 apiece if you are interested in going green in style.

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