Marshall reveals new Wi-Fi multi-room speakers

Marshall Headphones is pleased to introduce its latest range of Wi-Fi multi-room speakers that are sure to be able to keep every person happy under the same roof. In other words, you will be able to stream different tunes into different rooms without having to fight or worry over who listens to what. The three newly introduced models are the Acton, Stanmore and Woburn. To go wireless is the future, and depending on your budget, you will be able to start with just a single speaker, or a handful of them. The choice is yours. Regardless of the space, it is bound to be enough for a Marshall speaker.

 First of all, there is the Acton multi-room speaker that retails for $350 a pop. It might be compact in its size, but the sound that it pumps out is nothing short of amazing. In fact, the Acton is said to be able to produce a well-balanced, powerful audio experience, while arriving in a form factor that is small enough to have it fit on the tiniest of shelves. This is the perfect wireless multi-room speaker for small spaces.

Up next is the Stanmore multi-room speaker which is going for $450 apiece. Touted to be the most versatile speaker in the new Marshall line-up, it works great regardless of the size of the room — be it big or small. The Stanmore is able to deliver on the promise of high-performance sound which lives up to the Marshall name. It delivers clean and precise audio regardless of the level, courtesy of the advanced components crammed within.

Last but not least is the $600 Woburn multi-room speaker. The Woburn delivers a robust sound and appearance which would make it the perfect centerpiece — even if you have a large space, and discerning ears will be pleased with its ability to hit high trebles cleanly, while handling low bass without breaking a sweat with a clear, lifelike mid-range. Thanks to dual 5.25” woofers together with 110 watts of amp power, your senses will be pounded with aplomb. Which Marshall speaker suits your home?

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