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Carah timepiece offers safety to boot

by – on August 30th, 2017

Not all timepieces are created equal. Some of them happen to be far more advanced than the others, and K-ICT Born2Global Centre’s vision for a unique device that is not only capable of telling the time, but also to ensure protection for the wearer arrives in the form of the Carah safety watch. Of course, the Carah safety watch will continue to remain a dream if it is not fully funded on Kickstarter, but we do believe that it is definitely on the right track. The Carah comes across as a real analogue watch that features smart capabilities as well as a built-in SOS safety alert.

 Carah, should it drop the ‘h’, would mean ‘friend’ in Irish, and ‘beloved’ in Latin. This is the unique fruit of a computer science professor and a mechatronics expert’s collaboration, resulting in a smart safety watch which delivers not only style, but also functionality and personal security. While it looks like any other elegant analogue timepiece at first glance, there is more than meets the eye with Carah. It is more than able to sound an alarm in the event of an emergency. In order to activate the alarm, all that the user needs to do is to instigate a two-second push and hold of the watch, where it will then alert the watch holder’s guardians and emit a loud siren.

This means it is extremely easy and fast to activate such an intuitive action, while GPS information of the person seeking help is also sent out. This will allow the chosen guardians to be able to respond accordingly. Depending on the configuration beforehand, these selected guardians can be virtually anyone, including campus police or their community of helpers. This will definitely provide the owner with a sense that help is but a touch away. Other features in Carah include the ability to find your phone, audio recording capability and a one-touch timer.

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