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Palmzi intends to correct poor posture while using smartphones

by – on August 29th, 2017

The proliferation of mobile device usage among the masses has long passed the critical mass. In fact, just about everyone has a smartphone these days, unless you happen to live in a really far off area that still relies on dumbphones to get the job done. One thing about smartphones that we all love would be its versatility in capability. It not only doubles up as a primary communications device while we are on the move, it is also a nifty portable office, is full well capable of functioning as a portable media player, and works great as a navigation device. With these features in mind, many of us tend to bend over or develop a very poor posture when using our smartphones, and Palmzi is an upcoming accessory that intends to reverse that trend.

 Palmzi claims to be the first ergonomic posture correcting accessory that has been developed especially for mobile devices, but how does it back up its claim of functionality? It basically add comfort and convenience to the mobile use experience like a tripod of sorts, hence serving up a solution to prevent and treat negative effects which arise from our smartphone use. Also described to be the first ergonomic palm support for mobile devices in the world that arrives in a stable, lightweight, foldable design, the benefits of using Palmzi are numerous.

For starters, it will help to raise your mobile device to a safe, comfortable, eye-level distance — sort of like a tripod. This will in turn help to correct poor posture instantly, while it also does its bit to reduce neck pain as well as stiffness that has been associated with mobile phone usage, and this condition is also otherwise known as “text neck”. It has been built to be lightweight and portable, and yet is also durable enough to be brought around with you just about everywhere. Certainly the 21st century road warrior would do well to check out Palmzi when it is available, expected to arrive at the end of the year.

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