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The Cinemood mini cinema is a projector that is worth getting


Cinemood, the mini cinema projector that will clearly change the way we view this particular device, is now available for purchase in Best Buy, arriving in the form of both online as well as offline sales. This is the very first big screen device that will fit snugly in your palm without any worries or issues, where it will also double up as a “babysitter” to your kids while offering a bird’s eye view.

 After going through a four month test period, the Cinemood is finally available for purchase by the masses over in the Best Buy Mountain View store. Paul Zhuravlev, co-founder of the Cinemood, shared, “The values of a new product in the Best Buy’s range will attract not only kids. We created a safe and smart cinema for entire the whole family. The variety of CINEMOOD’s content is endless: from streaming TV shows to pre-loaded, kid-friendly cartoons. So, families with children, and young couples without kids will be able to find advantages in this mini-cinema projector. For us, Best Buy is a strategically important partner in the US electronic market and provides a huge opportunity for our growth.”

With the Cinemood, it will be able to create a cinematic feeling by arriving in the form factor of a cube complete with rounded corners for that aesthetically pleasing look. It will merge the high quality image of a projector alongside the portability that even a child can appreciate. The Cinemood Storyteller will arrive in the form of a small box that has more than 150 hours of pre-loaded content. These pre-loaded content include cartoons and audio, which will certainly be more than handy when it comes to keeping groups of children entertained throughout the journey so that they will stop peppering you with the question, “Are we there yet?”

Digital books are there to be read at night, as well as teaching the little ones how to read, while educational videos are perfect for pre-school levels; with shadow puppet show tutorials helping to assist the motor skills development of toddlers. Other hardware specifications include internal memory, a USB port, and the ability to stream content via YouTube courtesy of its Wi-Fi connectivity with an operating time of up to 5 hours on a single charge.

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