Huntkey SmartU delivers what could be the best possible USB charging station in the market

It is no surprise at all to see a road warrior carry multiple devices while on the move these days, but if there is one particular drawback about these mobile devices, it would be the shortage of battery power being the main “drawback”. After all, our smartphones do more than just help us keep in touch with one another these days, it is also a personal navigation device, not to mention function as a digital camera, portable media player, among others. This would require carrying around a power bank, or perhaps if you are an office drone, make use of a charger at the workspace. However, with limited power outlets available at a cubicle, the Huntkey SmartU could very well be the best investment made for a USB charging station.

 This is touted to be the perfect solution when it comes to multi-device charging. Not only does the Huntkey SmartU look elegant, it is also a fast and energy-efficient charger that gets rid of clutter at the same time. Specially designed while offering a quartet of USB ports, in addition to a pair of additional built-in Android charging cables. In other words, you are able to charge up to half a dozen devices simultaneously, all using a single outlet.

Apart from that, the Huntkey SmartU is also more like a stunning piece of artwork, as opposed to a regular charging station. It has an appearance design that is inspired from a Chinese ink brush holder, where that ink brush holder is used in Chinese calligraphy and painting. Thanks to smart USB charging technology, the Huntkey SmartU is able to adapt the charging rate in order to arrive at a revolutionary charging speed. This would enable faster and safer charging for mobile devices, as opposed to traditional charging stations.

The cradle ledge design will also allow the Huntkey SmartU to free your hands, allowing you to enjoy movies or carry out a video conversation on the smartphone while you fool around with a fidget spinner or its equivalent. Any takers for this unique charging station?

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