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Satechi R1 aluminum foldable stand

by – on July 15th, 2017

Satechi knows just what it is like to provide accessories for different kinds of hardware, and they have come up with yet another mobile accessory for the road warrior this time around in the form of the Satechi R1 aluminum foldable stand. The R1 aluminum foldable stand is unique in a sense that it will elevate a range of gadgets and devices, from tablets and smartphones to laptops, delivering an optimal viewing experience in the process.

 Playing nice with laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other kinds of mobile devices, this particularly flexible stand will enable users to position their often used devices in a wide variety of ways in order to create the optimal viewing experience. You will find that the R1 aluminum foldable stand comes in handy while watching videos, enjoying a spot of gaming, carrying out a video chat with a loved one, or it could be as simple as working on a tablet using a Bluetooth keyboard.

With the Satechi R1 aluminum foldable stand, one will be able to use it to hold up a tablet while using a keyboard to type. How about using it to prop up a smartphone in order to carry out a video chat? Heck, it is strong enough to hold a laptop while having it hook up to a bigger display. Thanks to a 270-degree mount hinge and a 180-degree base hinge, the R1 Aluminum Foldable Stand will effortlessly enable users to adjust it to their preferred height and angle for the optimal viewing experience. In the long run, this is also great in helping one avoid neck strain, a condition that is very common among desk drones.

Thanks to a solid aluminum construction, it is able to securely hold any laptop, tablet or smartphone without missing a beat. This $39.99 R1 aluminum foldable stand has supporting grips finished in rubber for a more secure hold, and can be easily folded and collapsed to fit into a briefcase or backpack.

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