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Paby reveals new smart pet location and activity tracker

by – on July 13th, 2017

If you happen to treat your pet like your very own furkid, I am quite sure that you would also be very concerned about its whereabouts whenever you are not around. After all, not all pets are happy enough to sit around the house doing nothing all day long, just to wait for you to come back. Some pets have this extremely curious personality and would not mind zipping away in an instant just so that it can spend some time outdoors. Paby knows this, and would like to help alleviate any anxiety that you might have through the availability of its smart pet location and activity tracker.

 This smart device is waterproof (obviously) and small enough to be attached to collars and harnesses without missing a beat, boasting of features such as GPS navigation, LBS and wireless capability in order to deliver real-time activity/wellness tracking to pet owners. This is to provide pet owners with peace of mind whenever they are not around, and with it functioning as a standalone device, users are able to set up “virtual fences” using their smartphones in order to receive real-time alerts when their pets leave the designated “zone.”

Apart from that, there is a durable band that is able to fit any sized collar from small to large, while the activity tracker doubles up as a pedometer for pets — figuring out the number of steps that you pet takes, to the amount of calories burned, sleep patterns observed, and intensity of their play time. With an asking price of $79.99 apiece, Paby will be available in different fun colors and patterns to suit just about all of the different pet owners out there. There is also an RGB LED flashing light that is thrown in for additional pet safety, alongside a high fidelity waterproof speaker which will play a sound to alert the user over the mobile app whenever their pet is close by.

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