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Airdog reveals the ADII camera drone

by – on July 13th, 2017

Do you love capturing video of other people in action? If you are a particularly active person yourself, then you would also know that you would do well to capture yourself in action. If you have a partner or friend to tag along with you, that is fine and dandy, but what happens when you end up with no one to follow you on your adventures? This is where Airdog’s latest camera drone comes in handy, the ADII.

 Available as a Kickstarter campaign, the Airdog ADII is deemed to be the first high-performance, auto-follow camera drone in the world. This autonomous machine is available as a Kickstarter exclusive, with production units being ready to rock and roll in time for an August delivery. Based on high-performance elements that are found in the original model, the ADII will set a brand new industry standard that merges advanced intelligent tracking technology alongside durable design and the most cutting-edge autonomous, all-terrain flight performance that can be found in the market at the moment.

The ADII happens to be the only camera drone on the market right now that has been specially built for hands-free from the ground up. It does away with the need for manned operation, hence ensuring the user would be able to enjoy complete active freedom with perfect content capture. There is the ability to set customizable flight trajectories so that more dynamic angles can be achieved alongside obstacle avoidance, while the presence of scenic-capture modes ensure unique filming perspectives.

With a pro-grade camera stabilization and auto-record system, users are more or less guaranteed smooth, framed, professional-grade footage despite being in the midst of the most challenging elements. It does not matter whether it comes up against issues such as high speeds, wind, water, and abrupt elevation and terrain changes, the ADII is up for all of it.

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