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Kiwano reveals new KO1 electric scooter

by – on July 10th, 2017

Are all electric scooters created the same? Not quite, as Kiwano would like to prove otherwise. Kiwano has come up with what it deems to be a revolutionary ‘one wheel handheld electric scooter’. Now that is certainly a mouthful, right? Known as the new KO1 Electric Scooter, this is a one wheel scooter that will rely on a totally custom-designed and patented wheel. Thanks to a patented drive system, it is capable of delivering the ultimate level of performance, managing speed, torque, and power without missing a beat.

 Boasting of not one, but two modes, the KO1 Electric Scooter will offer pro and novice options. This means even if you have never stepped on top of a scooter before, you will be able to learn how to ride the KO1 in a matter of minutes. The Auto Deck Smart Control System itself will enable riders to simply step on the scooter, tilt it forward to launch, and proceed to control it with forward and backward body motions.

The KO1 is not only lightweight but is also strong, as it is made from premium materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. It is also built using a long-range 20-mile battery pack, allowing it to hit a top speed of up to 20 mph, while being able to handle a 35 percent incline for typical urban hills. With an asking price of $999 apiece, the KO1 Electric Scooter will be available in stores from August onward, although pre-orders can already be placed now for a special offer of $799 plus free shipping regardless of where you are around the world. Each purchase of the KO1 will feature the choice of either having Urban (Road) or Sport (All-Terrain) tires. Apart from that, riders can select from various accessories to enhance their ride. Any takers?

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