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EmeTerm will help to prevent morning sickness

by – on July 6th, 2017

Getting pregnant is a joy for many couples, but with it comes another aspect of pregnancy that affects up to 80% of pregnant women — morning sickness. This would include experiencing both nausea and vomiting, and these are not nice experiences to have at all. With morning sickness being able to decrease a pregnant woman’s work efficiency, it will end up with additional healthcare expenses, all the while negatively impacting the quality of life of both the mother and the unborn child. Rather than use drugs that might affect the unborn child, how about taking the drug-free route with EmeTerm to alleviate morning sickness?

 EmeTerm is a drug-free, non-invasive method that relies on precise neuronal electrical stimulation technology in order to prevent and provide relief for morning sickness. Through the release of a particular low-frequency electrical pulse from the user’s wrist, EmeTerm is able to adjust the vagus nerve signals that travels to and from the stomach. By doing so, it prevents or postpones the brain from transmitting nausea signals to the stomach. In other words, nausea-inducing irregular gastric contraction is slowed down, while lowering the nauseous sensation for users.

EmeTerm prides itself in having high safety standards as well, which is why all of the materials used for it meet medical standards. Relying on medical silicone rather than natural rubber, it would mean the EmeTerm is hypoallergenic. Inert metal is used in electrodes so that skin irritation is avoided, while the patented electrodes remain parallel with tendon that will enhance the electric conduction without having to make use of any kind of conduction gel that could potentially possess allergenic chemical compounds.

The EmeTerm is also useful to prevent those who tend to get dizzy when they sit in cars or vehicles that have to go through many winding roads, as it work using a similar principle. The $91 EmeTerm is definitely worth a shot if you have tried everything else and have not achieved any level of success in combating morning sickness.

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