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Satechi USB-C to HDMI Adapter & Cable

by – on July 3rd, 2017

Satechi is a famous name where accessories of mobile devices as well as computing machines are concerned, and their latest devices to hit the market? The Satechi USB-C to HDMI Adapter as well as Type-C 4K HDMI Cable, which is an accessory that is able to hook up to 4K displays at 60Hz in order to experience a smooth, high quality experience.

 Interestingly enough, Satechi‚Äôs latest pair of USB-C accessories will expand its arsenal of convenient and high-quality products which will certainly do a whole lot to improve connectivity around your home or man cave. Measuring a reasonably lengthy six feet, the Type-C 4K HDMI Cable as well as the more compact Type-C 4K HDMI Adapter output video from a Mac (or other compatible device) to an external 4K display.

The Type-C 4K HDMI Cable will offer users the ability to enjoy a true plug and play experience, which is an all-in-one solution that will let one hook up a Mac to a 4K display. The Adapter will be able to offer a similar functionality in a smaller form factor in order for users to experience a crystal clear 4K display. Users can then mirror content on their Type-C laptop easily in order to view their favorite TV shows and movies on an enhanced, high-resolution display, or even select its usage within professional or classroom settings to enhance presentations on an external monitor.

Regardless of whether you pick up the USB-C or HDMI accessory, both choices will feature a compact, sleek brushed aluminum design that can fit in snugly into laptop bags, purses and other carrying packs, making it perfect for mobile workspaces. Expect the $34.99 Satechi Type-C 4K HDMI Adapter to arrive in space gray, silver, gold or rose gold colors, while the $39.99 Type-C 4K HDMI Cable will sport silver or space gray shades.

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