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Rayz Rally is a pocket-sized Lightning-powered conference speaker

by – on June 25th, 2017

Ever wished that your speaker would be able to pack more of a punch, without losing any of its efficiency while sporting a very reasonable price tag? Pioneer has more or less successfully achieved this via the Rayz Rally. The Rayz Rally carries the distinction of being the first Lightning-powered portable speaker which is able to transform the iPhone into a conference speakerphone that is loud enough to fill the boardroom. It will not only be able to take advantage of the iOS app, but will also make use of innovative Lightning accessories in order for the listeners to enjoy a completely new experience.

 The Rayz Rally will utilize Apple’s newest Lightning audio technology, that is powered by Avnera Corporation’s LightX platform, in order to deliver simple and smart solutions for today’s mobile consumers. Since it arrives in a form factor that is small enough to fit into your pocket, you might think it has a “small” performance factor, too. However, things work differently since the Rayz Rally can amplify your call experience unlike ever before.

It also carries the proud distinction of being the first Lightning-powered plug-and-play speaker in the world. It will be different from other kinds of portable conference speakers, since the Rally does not have any battery whatsoever. Rather, it will draw its power from the iPhone that it is plugged into, allowing it to work every single time at your beck and call. The LightX platform helps the Rally to minimize the power usage whenever it remains plugged into the iPhone’s Lightning port. It is also versatile in its functionality, allowing it to be used for Internet calling on the iPad and iPod touch, and on the Mac and PC via a standard Lightning to USB cable.

Those who are interested in the Rayz Rally Lightning powered conference speakers will have to fork out $99.95 for it from and Apple stores worldwide.

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