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Focal’s new family of portable headphones go wireless

by – on June 24th, 2017

While we strive to achieve a wireless environment for as far as possible, there are still some instances where it remains impossible to being untethered. Take power for instance — we are still unable to enjoy our laptops being charged wirelessly, so wireless audio will have to do for the moment. Focal has introduced a new family of portable headphones that will boast of integrated wireless technology to help you enjoy your favorite tunes without the pesky cables that come with a regular pair of headphones. The three new models are the premium closed-back wireless over-ear Listen Wireless, in-ear Spark and Spark Wireless, and hi-fi in-ear Sphear S, but we will look at the flagship Listen Wireless only for now.

 Listen Wireless happens to be the high-end closed-back Listen headphones sans wires. It will fly the flagship staff for Focal, and boasts of Bluetooth 4.1 wireless technology to offer an exceptional listening experience. Its earpieces have been specially designed in order to integrate Bluetooth technology, and is compatible with aptX. Listen Wireless claims to deliver excellent sound rendering.

Not only that, it has an ultra-flexible headband which makes it light, all the while reducing pressure on the head and increasing durability at the same time. It will also feature memory foam ear cushions that are made from fabric and leatherette for excellent isolation. The ear-pieces can be folded for easier portability, and it comes in a scratch-resistant lacquered Black High Gloss finish. Alternatively, you can also opt to make use of this wireless headphones with a traditional audio cable. When hooked up to a DAC, they will be able to deliver all the power and scale that one would normally discover in a high-end hi-fi product.

With a battery life of more than 20 hours of audio playback and taking less than 3 hours to fully juice up, you get a total range of 240 hours thanks to the automatic standby feature. Reception range stands at up to 60 feet, and a dual omnidirectional microphone system with Clear Voice Capture software delivers improved voice clarity when talking. The Listen Wireless will be available from July onward for $299 apiece.

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