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Elgato reveals Eve Degree temperature and humidity monitor

by – on May 31st, 2017

Elgato has revealed a brand new device that will certainly go down well with those of us who live in a place that has a tropical climate, calling it the Eve Degree temperature and humidity monitor. What makes this particular device so interesting? Well, it is not only a run-of-the-mill temperature and humidity monitor, but it is a model that sports a breathtaking design as well as an impressive feature set. We are talking about throwing in state-of-the-art sensors, revolutionary HomeKit technology, as well as a really large LCD display that arrives in a stunning anodized aluminum body.

 Not only that, it will also come with a touch of elegance that will be evident regardless of which particular room you decide to place it in, or even if you think that it would have a better place outdoors. Eve Degree basically empowers you with insights concerning temperature as well as humidity, and all of this information are sent right to your iPhone or iPad. The Eve app itself stashes away and visualizes current and past climate data via eye-opening graphs which will facilitate precise climate monitoring. This is also beneficial to functional spaces such as greenhouses or wine cellars.

Apart from that, courtesy of Bluetooth low energy technology, power will be drawn from a long-lasting, replaceable battery. This means all kinds of direct communication with your iOS device would do away with the need for a bridge or gateway. The Eve Degree will be available from June 6 onward with a recommended retail price of $69.95 apiece. I suppose you can call the Eve Degree to be one of the higher end thermometers in the market, but the fact that it can be seamlessly integrated into the iPhone is a testament to its technological advancement and capability. Any takers?

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