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AOC reveals the U3277PWQU display


If you are a working professional who wants nothing but the very best in terms of hardware, knowing that anything less will simply not do, then the AOC U3277PWQU display would surely rank somewhere right up there in your list. After all, having the right processor as well as peripherals such as keyboard and mouse is one thing — what about your poor eyes that stares into the monitor for hours on end each day? The AOC U3277PWQU display is here to help, being an ultra-sharp resolution monitor that has four times higher resolution than Full HD in order to deliver highly detailed images for designers, gamers, and photographers alike.

 Courtesy of its high pixel density, users are able to look forward to more workspace on their desktop, and this would normally translate to a greater degree of productivity. The excellent image quality is complemented by comprehensive ergonomic features and AOC Flicker-Free technology, making this stylish monitor perfect for all users who are on the lookout for precise and detailed images, not to mention a comfortable monitor setup for better health and wellbeing.

The AOC 32-inch 4K UHD Display will come with an asking price of $699 a pop, although for the moment, it is available on Amazon and B&H Photo Video at a special price point of just $499, which is surely a significant amount of savings no matter which way you look at it. Apart from the 4K UHD resolution (3840 x 2160 pixels) that it comes with, there is also a VA panel for high responsiveness and a wide color gamut. Not only that, your eyes will benefit from a 60 Hz refresh rate and a short response time, which would make this the ideal platform for gaming enthusiasts who want nothing else but crisp 4K visuals.

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