The Night N’ Day Mechanical Globe teaches practical knowledge


You can never know what information is going to be relevant to your life until you need it. Our parents hound us to pay attention in school because every ounce of knowledge might be the thing that leads us to success in the future. That being said, schools don’t teach us everything we need to know about life, and in all honesty, they never could.

If you want to make sure your kids are learning information that you personally find important, then it’s your job as their guardian to teach them. This Edu-Toys Night n’ Day Mechanical Globe will help parents who are interested in clocks and calendars give their children a visual guide as to how things work. This is a real solar time rotating globe that acts as both clock and calendar, turning to show you where people on the earth are experiencing sunrise, sunset, and twilight times.

This is very easy to set up, is 11” in diameter, and won’t take up much space standing only a little over a foot tall. It even adjusts for seasons! This will cost you around $127, but for education it would certainly be money well spent. In addition to that, knowing when and where you are on the globe is helpful, especially if you ever have to coordinate with people on the other side of the world for meetings and have difficulty remembering when they are.

Available for purchase on Amazon

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HiHat Says: March 17, 2017 at 11:40 am

This is a nice design, but the globe is getting mixed reviews at Amazon — it’s described as being noisy, and some are complaining about quality issues, including blown bulbs that can’t be replaced. FAIL!

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