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Satechi USB-C Power Meter lets you work in peace


Satechi has certainly come up with a slew of peripherals in the past that help the road warrior or power gadget user gain a degree of convenience in his or her everyday life, and they have done it yet again with the release of the brand new USB-C Power Meter. This is certainly one of the more unique USB devices or peripherals that you will ever see in the market, since it does not provide an instant reading light or keep you cool as a fan. Rather, the USB-C Power Meter will enable one to measure the Volts, Amps, and mAh output from their accessories in order to make sure that they will not only be safe, but also effective and compatible with the new Type-C laptops, tablets and smartphones that make up your collection of devices.

 It is vital when one picks out a charger or accessory for a device, since one will have to know the maximum voltage and amperage which it can use in order to make sure that the hardware does not end up being permanently damaged. The USB-C Power Meter will be able to quickly and easily measure voltage in real time conditions, the amount of Amps being input a device, as well as how much power that has made its way into your device ever since it began to charge.

Sporting a very sleek design and easy-to-read display, the USB-C Power Meter from Satechi is well positioned to be the perfect solution for monitoring the Type-C port’s power while making sure that counterfeit or incompatible accessories will not end up destroying or frying laptops, tablets and smartphones. After all, you might pick up a cheap accessory that does not have the right level of quality control which could destroy your devices — and the USB-C Power Meter prevents that from happening. Slim and compact enough to be stored in any bag, it will arrive with an asking price of $29.99.

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