LumaGlo’s CrossBelt is a wearable illumination device

lumagloLumaGlo knows that some people like to work out in the evening or early in the morning, before the sun sets or rises. After all, that might be the only time slot that is available for them to be able to get some exercise into their busy schedules. However, running in dark or low light conditions does have its dangers — you are definitely far more difficult to spot, especially when you pound the pavement. It is always good to wear a safety vest or carry some form of illumination with you. This is where LumaGlo’s CrossBelt comes in handy.

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Urban Armor Gear guns for the new iPad Pro with its Metropolis case

urban-armor-gear-ipadproOwning a brand new smartphone or tablet often brings with it one specific accessory that is rather difficult to prise it away from — the protective case. However, with so many different kinds of model that are available in the market, just which particular tablet case that you would want to pick up for the latest collection of iPads from Apple? Urban Armor Gear has just the thing for you — with its brand new Metropolis Series Cases for the new iPad Pro 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch models.

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Huawei Honor 9 is the brand new flagship smartphone

huawei-honor-9When it comes to having the best smartphone available, most of the time we would aim straight for nothing but the top of the line models — and this would definitely include checking out which particular flagship model catches our fancy. Huawei has certainly become a pretty strong player by themselves over the years, and it is with much aplomb that they recently announced their latest flagship, the Huawei Honor 9.

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The Selfie Drone captures your best look on its own

selfie-droneHammacher Schlemmer has been well known to produce some rather stunning devices and put them up for sale, and this particular model is something which not everyone would have thought of. Since drones ended up being all the rage some time ago, and the selfie phenomena continues to grow as many smartphones now feature a front-facing camera that have an equal or higher megapixel count compared to the back camera. Why not merge the two together and you would end up with what is known as the $299.95 Selfie Drone?

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LG reveals world’s thinnest hotel TV

lg-oled-wBeing at a hotel would mean one thing — you are either there for business or for leisure. Regardless of which particular category that you fall under, you would definitely need to have some downtime to enjoy a break, and this more often than not includes watching some TV. While just about all decent hotel chains have already made the jump from a regular chunky CRT to a flat screen TV of sorts, how about upping the ante? South Korean company LG has stepped up to the plate with the thinnest hotel TV in the world which claims to deliver unmatched picture quality with a unique design.

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Rayz Rally is a pocket-sized Lightning-powered conference speaker

rayz-rallyEver wished that your speaker would be able to pack more of a punch, without losing any of its efficiency while sporting a very reasonable price tag? Pioneer has more or less successfully achieved this via the Rayz Rally. The Rayz Rally carries the distinction of being the first Lightning-powered portable speaker which is able to transform the iPhone into a conference speakerphone that is loud enough to fill the boardroom. It will not only be able to take advantage of the iOS app, but will also make use of innovative Lightning accessories in order for the listeners to enjoy a completely new experience.

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Focal’s new family of portable headphones go wireless

Listen-WirelessWhile we strive to achieve a wireless environment for as far as possible, there are still some instances where it remains impossible to being untethered. Take power for instance — we are still unable to enjoy our laptops being charged wirelessly, so wireless audio will have to do for the moment. Focal has introduced a new family of portable headphones that will boast of integrated wireless technology to help you enjoy your favorite tunes without the pesky cables that come with a regular pair of headphones. The three new models are the premium closed-back wireless over-ear Listen Wireless, in-ear Spark and Spark Wireless, and hi-fi in-ear Sphear S, but we will look at the flagship Listen Wireless only for now.

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Rayz Smart Mute feature now available for Rayz Plus Lightning headphones

rayz-plusWhen it comes to a pair of headphones, it is all very personal. Pioneer and Onkyo have come up with what they call a brand new “Smart Mute” feature for not only the Rayz, but also the Rayz Plus Lightning earphones, in addition to a slew of new Rayz Plus colors (Black and Rose Gold) that will be made available exclusively at If you prefer to shop at a brick and mortar store, then you can also pick those headphones up at Apple Retail stores worldwide.

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Xchime goes beyond that of a smart doorbell

xchime-smart-doorbellIt looks like the world of home security and automation has become a wee bit smarter, never mind the fact that smart homes are all the rage these days. A fully funded Indiegogo campaign, the Xchime is more than just a video doorbell. It is going to be an essential part of your home safety environment, where you will be able to enjoy the added convenience and security features such as a garage door opener and smart light bulb integration.

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Logitech Circle 2 home security camera

logitech-circle2Logitech is well known for their range of peripherals, and this time around, it would be the home security camera which would be their device of choice that will grace your home. It will not be a gaming peripheral, but rather, something that offers you added peace of mind whenever you are on the move. It could be that you are living alone or have a family, it does not matter. The Logitech Circle 2 will allow you to feel more connected to both home and family, where this home security camera has been specially designed to work just about wherever you want, whether indoors or outdoors. You might want to keep tabs on your pet, or just see whether anyone is snooping around your bedroom, the Circle 2 gets the job done.

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