Urbanears plays with colors for new earphones this Spring

bold-interstellarUrbanears would like to make sure your spring is a whole lot more fun and interesting with a few new colors for its earphone. The Urbanears’ SS17 colorways were certainly inspired by what its designers saw around them — taking bold shades of cosmic dust. Basically, it does not matter what kind of music genre that you listen to to get your groove on — as long as you place your ears with any of the following Urbanears earphones, you will come into contact with the likes of Comet Green, Cosmos Purple or Eclipse Blue.

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AOC reveals pair of new Agon monitors

aoc-agonSo you are an avid gamer who would want nothing but the very best when it comes to the kind of hardware used in your gaming sessions. You have got the very best CPU and video card that are in the market right now, and so too, are your mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse that have been rated to last many millions of clicks without breaking down. One thing’s left — making sure that the gaming monitor you use is the right kind. AOC has come up with not just one, but two 24-inch Agon monitors for folks in the US.

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Active Pad Muscle Training Gear will give you shocking results


Despite it still being winter, now is the best possible time to start thinking about that “beach body”, if you’re interested in attaining that sort of thing. You can only safely lose 1-2 pounds a week, giving you just enough time to shave off that 20 you’ve been meaning to drop by summer if you start now. Magazines will start telling you to do crash diets around May when it’s already too late.

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The STIGA SensorScore Table Tennis System sets the record straight


For those that get competitive, it is imperative that everyone knows what the current score is. It pushes you to focus more if you’re behind, and gives you adrenaline when you’re doing well. The same is true across the board for any type of point-based game whether it’s football or table tennis. If you’ve ever played the latter, then you know how easy it is to lose track of the score.

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Casio G-SHOCK GA710 introduced

g-shock-ga710gbAre you on the lookout for a brand new watch that is able to tell the time, and do so even under the most stressful of circumstances? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to check out what is the latest timepiece from the folks over at Casio. The latest Casio G-SHOCK GA710 is one watch that delivers a unique style as well as function, arriving in the new Garish Color Series that boasts of a metal front button and stainless steel buckle — in addition to a metallic dial on the face.

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The Hush Time Menion Eye Warmer hides your fatigue

Hush Time Eye Warmer

When you have a hellish week, there are nights where you’re going to miss out on sleep. We can pay off that lack of proper rest when we die, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to look bright-eyed and bushy-tailed during the days following the long nights. Since we can’t put more hours in the day, we spend money on serums, lotions, and gadgets that will give off the appearance of a well-rested person without actually having to be one.

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2017 LG Gram Notebooks Revealed

2017-lg-gramOwning a laptop is something that most of us already have — but to have a laptop that is able to get the job done while looking sleek at it, now that’s a totally different story. LG might be famous for their collection of consumer electronics, but how many of us actually know that they too, manufacture notebooks? The 2017 LG Gram notebooks are here to wow you, offering a trio of screen sizes to choose from, in addition to touchscreen capability, and a superior battery life.

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This Filtered Shower Head cleans your water before it cleans you

Filtered Shower Head

There comes a time where you go from worrying about how many pennies you’ll need to be able to buy necessities, to thinking about how you’d like your furniture to match. Not everyone has such a luxury, but that doesn’t mean that investing in some home improvement is out of the question. Big jobs like putting on a new roof or taking down a wall takes a lot of capital, but there are smaller matters to buy improvements for that will directly affect you on a regular basis.

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Video Streaming Robotic Projectionist

video-streaming-robot-projectionistProjectors are nothing new these days, although the kind of technology that goes into them have definitely improved by leaps and bounds. As we get to enjoy clearer, brighter images with a higher resolution count, all rolled into a body that is more portable, how many projectors do you know out there that are brave enough to explore a form factor that is very different from that of a regular rectangular box? Enter the $2,500 Video Streaming Robotic Projectionist.

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The Artograph Projector – expand your artistic horizons

Artograph Projector

When you make art for a living, you never know when inspiration is going to strike in unexpected ways. You could exert your efforts in sculpting clay for three years and then decide to start honing your painting skills on the side. On the same page, you never quite know what sort of commissions will fall under your nose if you’re open to that sort of thing. You might work in excruciatingly small detail and have a customer wanting you to take a tiny piece of art and expand it over a larger space.

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