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Daatrics reveals Neebo baby monitor


First time parents would do their level best to ensure that their newborn is taken care of from all different aspects, and this would include getting hold of a baby monitor in order to make sure that you can keep tabs on your little one even if you are in a different room under the same roof. Well, Daatrics wants to have a say in how a baby monitor works, which is why they have come up with the Neebo baby care system that will comprise of a modern day baby wearable, an intelligent app, as well as a charging station.

 This particular baby care system does seem to be the whole works and is comprehensive in nature. Your little one will definitely look all the more adorable with a beautifully designed, egg-shaped wearable, while there is a sleek mobile app that will make it easier to monitor proceedings regardless of your physical location, and a charging station for parents that look minimalist in nature. With Neebo, parents will be able to obtain the most accurate infant data stream on the market — and this includes monitoring of the baby’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, thermal state and audio environment, in addition to a smart alert system. The asking price for such goodness this Christmas season? $199 a pop.

Touted to be one of the most accurate infant data stream that is available on the market today, it will include monitoring a baby’s heart rate, oxygen saturation, thermal state and sound. Each measurement in the beta testing phase was compared against the results of certified medical monitors so that discrepancies can be called out. All of Neebo’s vitals fall within 1% accuracy difference of medical grade systems, now how about that?

It also has a secret “eavesdrop” feature so that parents can listen in to important baby sounds from afar. The advanced algorithm will screen out irrelevant sounds such as a vehicle passing by or the dog next door barking away. Advanced artificial intelligence will also be able to pick up your baby’s normal versus abnormal sounds, delivering peace of mind as only abnormal noises will result in an alert. It is small enough like an egg, measuring 21 mm wide by 29 mm high, making it suitable to deliver the most accurate of readings by being placed on your newborn’s wrist. Certainly something like this is also made from BPA-free materials and is safe even for newborns. What are you waiting for?

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