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This Diversirtech Drain Clearing Gun uses air to deal with clogs

by – on November 8th, 2016

When you have a drain line that gets clogged, you can call a professional, or take matters into your own hands. This normally means using a fuzzy pipe cleaner or a mascara brush if you can see the issue, but if you’re too rough you might make a hole in your line. There are all sorts of drain cleaners available on the market, but some methods are bulky (having to lug around a Nitrogen tank) or dangerous with the use of chemicals.

 If you want a quick, easy, and extremely portable method of dealing with clogs, then this Diversirtech Drain Clearing Gun will make quick work of the issue. This portable tool blows out 800-PSI of oil-free food grade air with the press of a trigger. This is meant for lines that have a 3/8 – 3/4” opening, so don’t think this is going to help you with things that have to do with your toilet. Think more along the lines of A/C unit drain lines or washing machines.

This would likely be of use for repairmen or those who maintain buildings with multiple A/C or washer units. While this isn’t terribly expensive at around $44 for the gun, the cartridges will quickly up the price as each shot will cost almost $3 a piece, and the initial purchase doesn’t come with any of them. There are more than likely ways to go about fitting much cheaper Co2 cartridges onto this, they just won’t be name brand. If they work though, it’ll be better than blowing $30 on a 12-pack.

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