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This Swan Teasmade and Alarm Clock wakes you up with a hot cuppa


Some products are made for the general public, like those that are tailored for use by one or two people, and some are made for more commercial use, to be used over and over again. There are times however, where gadgets and gizmos tread the line in-between by being too cheaply efficient while at the same time providing a pleasant usefulness. How is this achieved you ask?

 Simple, look no further than the SWAN Teasmade and Alarm Clock. This almost looks like those Dali-inspired melting clocks since the face has been stretched somewhat dramatically. The commercial aspect comes from the fact that you can only feed pre-packaged coffee or tea into the brewing slot, and this system is exceedingly compact. The clock is on the outside of the water reservoir, the 600mL teapot is on the opposing side behind the clock, and there’s even space for two cups on top.

Despite how compact this is in tandem with using instant-drink packets, it does have a homey aspect as well. First of all, there are settings for more than just “on”. There’s an alarm to wake you up, you can set your drink to brew as soon as you wake up, or you can make a cup whenever you feel like it. This is a $79.99 purchase, making it rather pricey considering it’s for your bedroom and can only make regular tea and coffee two cups at a time.

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