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Seventy2 is a fully integrated survival system

by – on November 4th, 2016

It is said that the first 72 hours are the most important in any emergency, and the person who is far better equipped in the event of a disaster (be it an earthquake, a tsunami, or a typhoon, or anything else that you can think of) would have a higher chance of survival, at least being able to hold out until the search and rescue team arrives. Most of us do not carry a bug out bag, or a survival kit wherever we go because we think that it will not happen to us, but this is exactly why we should: as disasters rarely make an announcement prior to their arrival. Uncharted Supply Co. is a lifestyle company that has just unveiled the aptly named Seventy2.

 The Seventy2 has been touted to be the first fully integrated survival system that has been specially designed to safely navigate the first 72-hours of any emergency. It was developed with the assistance of world-class adventurers, first responders, medical experts and survival specialists, delivering peace of mind with all of the necessary equipment as well as instructions so that you can just about face any situation. The instructions there are all easy to understand and follow, even if you have never handled any of the equipment included before.

Far more than just the LifeStraw, the Seventy2 comes will tip the scales at less than 12lbs., as it arrives chock-full of survival goodies within. It will arrive packed with 30 high-quality products and tools that have been specially designed to work in tandem, ranging from a crank battery charger that also functions as a flashlight all the way to carefully selected supplies so that you remain hydrated, warm and fed just in case you are trapped somewhere. All of the products will be neatly stashed away in their respective compartments, categorized by need with clear instructions to guide even the novice user through any challenge. Flashlight mounts that offer hands-free lighting, reflective logos for increased night safety, a removable internal frame with additional straps to double carrying capacity, and a HDPE plastic exoskeleton that can be used as snowshoes or splints, are certainly items we can all do with in an emergency. It will not come cheap at $349.99 a pop though, but when you’re fighting for a chance to survive, that is pretty cheap.

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