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The AllSmartLife RGB Mechanical Keyboard


We don’t mind spending a little extra money on our computer accessories because we’d rather something work well and last us several years than cheap out and have it break quickly. When it comes to a keyboard and you’re a gamer, you want the best of both worlds at the cross-section of affordable and functional. There are more keyboards on the market than you’re ever going to want to research, but if you can’t afford spring for the latest and greatest Das, there are cheaper, good options.

 While AllSmartLife may not be a recognized brand, there’s a chance they’re on to something with their RGB Mechanical Keyboard. It’s very thin, has a metal base faceplate with clickty, clackity keys over top which are anti-ghosting with n-key rollover that can be individually programmed any color you’d like. There 104 keys in all, with a detachable wrist rest to make sure you can keep typing til the cows come home.

This can support 6 themes of backlighting, and has 5 levels of brightness as well as color changing speed. Since it’s not a name brand everyone and their brother is associated with, there’s likely not a super easy UI for you to set everything up (the mighty comment section tells me this is so), so keeping and actually reading the manual will be all but mandatory if you want it to look cool. This is a $79.99 keyboard that doesn’t cross the $100 mark but seems like its quality would make it more than worth the price tag.

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