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This Gardening Umbrella Hat makes you wonder what you’ve been doing with your life


There was a time when people wore nice pairs of shoes, gloves, waistcoats, petticoats, slips, and fanciful hats as their regular, daily wear. Over time we’ve not only given up on finery, but we’ve almost given up completely. Yoga pants with t-shirts and sweatpants with mustard-covered undershirts have become normal. Even formal occasions have people wearing flip flops and jeans anymore.

 While part of us enjoys seeing people dressed nicely, the other part enjoys the freedom that comes with being allowed to go as casual as you want, anywhere you want. This Gardening Umbrella Hat is about as casual as you can get. It would be a useful tool to fishermen, gardeners, and those cooking outside on a rainy day, but it could also be used to walk outside in the rain and keep both hands firmly glued to your smartphone and polar pop without getting your device or your face wet.

Hopefully society doesn’t reach that tipping point, but for those who spend time outside and need to keep rain out of their eyes while working with both hands, this could be useful in a practical way. It has 7 vents and 7 metal rods which weigh 8.4 ounces. The outside is silver and the inside is black, meaning it could help deflect the sun on a hot day as well. The headband is adjustable, and it only costs $15.99, making it an easy purchase for outdoorsy types who care about their skin come rain or shine.

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